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Why are we called at different times in our lives?

Why would someone be called at the age of 18 and another at the age of 39, or even later in life?

This is my take, and you might not agree (and that is okay)

I recently read a book, Kisses from Katie, and she was called when she was 18 to go to a foreign country and help orphans.  While reading her journey I was in awe, but one question popped into my mind, “Why would God call someone so young?”  Then it dawned upon me that she was meant to love those children, to show them what love is, to show them God’s love, and He had called her because that is what she had experienced growing up in a loving and supporting family. She had what was needed to start, and everything else God helped her with.  I highly recommend reading this book, it helped me tremendously.  Actually, after reading only a few pages, I decided that I needed to obey God with my calling – writing, and it reignited a passion within me that was extinguished a few years ago which is a story for some other time.

I think that there are certain lessons we need to learn and some experiences we need to persevere through to better help others, and that is why some of us are only called later in life.

There have been many times where I asked God why I had to go through everything that I did.  It did make a difference once I realised, a few years back, that it is ‘happening for me, and not to me’. But still, sometimes I would have a pity party – terribly selfish, I know.

A few months ago, I remember standing at my kitchen sink and suddenly feeling grateful for my past.  It was freeing!  I immediately knew that my past would be used for God’s glory, that I would be able to help someone with my experience.

It has been said that broken crayons still colour, actually they could create a masterpiece.  Why would God not be able to use my brokenness for His glory?

I recently read this: And just like that broken crayon, God is always able to use our brokenness to create something beautiful. Little do we know that God is using our brokenness to create something more beautiful than we could ever imagine.”

There are times when I allow doubt to creep in, and I question why would God use someone like me? Then other times I am completed overwhelmed by how He would want to use someone like me, a nobody, to do His work here on earth.  It is tough when you have a not-so-nice past to try to understand God’s love for you and to accept that He will use your hurt for His glory and that you will be able to help someone else.

Sometimes we need to let go and let God.  We need to surrender our lives to Him and allow Him to heal us, and then to use us to do His work here on earth. 

It is not easy.  It is not easy to work through our past.  It is not easy to accept God’s love.  And it is not easy to accept His calling.  But what I do know, it is worth it!  It is worth following God.  It is worth working through our past with God by our side.  It is worth accepting His love.  And it is worth accepting His calling in our lives.

He has so much to give us, but we need to let go and trust Him.  I am excited about my future and to see where God takes me with this calling to write but even though I feel like this, there are times when I question everything.  I am human, after all.

So, if I had been called earlier, would I have been able to help people in the same way I am now able to?

Keeping it simply raw & real.

Your sister in Christ.

1 Corinthians 7:17

Nevertheless, each person should live as a believer in whatever situation the Lord has assigned to them, just as God has called them. This is the rule I lay down in all the churches.

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