Wellington, Cape Town

In the details.

In the details.

God is in the detail.  Every single detail.  From the smallest to the biggest.  He cares about it all.

Sometimes we think that God isn’t interested in the small things in our lives.  Why would He be worried about the small things that make our hearts happy, or the ingrown toenail that is causing us extreme pain, or the one word someone said that hurt us?

Of course He cares.  He really does care for us and loves us more than we will ever know.

The phrase God is in the detail means that attention paid to small things has big rewards, or that details are important.

God reminded me of this last week and in hindsight, many other incidents.  Now, these are probably going to sound insignificant to you, but for me, they are beautiful reminders that God really does care about the details in my life.

A few months ago, I started my mission to make sure we are warm this winter.  Wellington is extremely cold and last winter I thought my big toe was going to fall off.  So I start thinking of what I need to make our winter a little warmer, and one of the things was hot water bottles.  A few weeks after thinking this, my neighbour blessed my daughter with a hot water bottle.

Next mission: bed socks.  Asked at my bible study group if anyone knows of someone who makes it.  There is a lady who used to make but she doesn’t anymore because of her hands.  She then offered to makes for my daughter and me. The following week she blesses us with awesome bed socks – mine are as colourful as my personality and every time I look at them I smile.

I then happened to see beautiful chrysanthemums at my friend’s home on her table and said that I need to get myself one.  The following day, a friend from another area come to visit and she brought me yellow chrysanthemums. 

I can imagine you are thinking I am nuts while reading this, but perhaps you need to look at the seemingly small details in your life.  Where has something small happened that brought you joy or relief? What small detail have you overlooked?  Perhaps you don’t see what God is doing in your life because you think it can only be the ‘big stuff’.

Something we should NEVER forget – God loves us and cares for every detail in our lives.  Every single detail.

What small thing is bugging you right now?  Take the time now to ask God for help, and see what He does.

Perhaps it is time to show gratitude instead of attitude.

Keeping it simply raw and real.

Your sister in Christ.

Isaiah 54:10

Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed," says the Lord, who has compassion on you.


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