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Where is the line?

Where is the line?

A few weeks ago, I was sitting on my stoep writing, and a question that came up was “Where is the line between waiting on God and being proactive?”

So, I have been pondering this question and I probably still don’t have the answer.

Most of this year my prayer has been for God to help me be quiet.  It didn’t happen so I assumed that it wasn’t a problem, and I stopped praying about it.  Since August I have been asking God to reveal the truth to me.  The truth I need to know right now, and the truth about the people in my life.

From the beginning of September, I have had no desire to speak to anyone unless it was needed. Earlier this year, I experienced a ‘quiet time’ but this has been different.  Now, this extreme is very odd for me.  I am someone who always catches up with everyone, sees how they are doing, and how I can help.  Now, nothing.  I must be honest and say that the silence has been freeing.

I didn’t know why this was happening.  I did start a new project and needed to focus, so figured that God helped me.  It has been great to have this razor-sharp focus and accomplish what I set out to do weekly and daily. But it still baffles me.

As everyone knows, I LOVE questions, and I also ask myself a tremendous amount. 

Why am I so quiet?  Why don’t I feel like speaking to people? What’s going on with me that I am not aware of? Am I sliding without realising it? And the list goes on.

I have come to realise that God has answered my prayers.  Through the silence, truth has been revealed. What is important to me has been awoken, again.  My desire to help others has been reignited, in a different way, and people’s intentions have been unveiled.

It is said that God works in a mysterious way.  It is only mysterious because we couldn’t possibly wrap our heads around Gods greatness.  We think we need to do things ‘this way’ but then He shows us His way and it not only feeds our desires/plans, but it is also so much bigger and better than we could have possibly even thought of.

Fear of failure is something most people can relate to.  It is also that one thing that stops people from trying.  Nobody wants to experience failure, ever.  But let’s be honest for a moment, don’t we only fear the things we could fail at publicly? What does that say about us?

This project I am working on is in the testing phase, and honestly, I am scared it fails.  Why? Firstly, I have put in a lot of work, I have had to learn new skills, and stepped out of my comfort zone.  Secondly, other people know about it now. And last, but not least, I am so tired of failing.

So, back to the question: Where is the line between waiting on God and being proactive?

I believe that this would depend on your circumstances.  There is a quote that I absolutely love: God gives every bird its food, but He doesn’t throw it in their nest.

There are times when you can’t do anything but pray and wait on God.  Then there are times when we need to pray for guidance and be proactive.  We just need to keep asking ourselves whether our plans are in line with God.  We might be proactive, and God will steer us in another direction, that’s ok, just start. 

I read once that God can’t steer a parked car, and it just stuck with me.

If I am not actively trying to improve on myself, or my situation, or my relationships, how can God show me where I am going wrong, or where I need to improve or change?  I am a great public speaker in my home but on stage, I would suck!

I am sure there is more to the silence than I am aware of, and I am excited to find out what it is.  So, in the meantime, I will embrace the silence and be proactive, knowing that God is in control.


Keeping it simply raw & real.

Your sister in Christ.


Proverbs 19:21

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.





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  1. Christine says:

    Cool post. I think about this line a lot too. It’s one of those divine tensions, like the one that exists between God’s sovereignty and our ability to choose. Some great thoughts and quotes captured. Thanks!

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