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Faithful Living


What does courage look like to you? For some it is just getting out of bed in the morning, for others, it might be making that phone call.  Perhaps it is standing up for something you believe in, or trying hard to not let go. There are many definitions of courage: mental or moral strength …


Let me ask you something:

If you know something is dangerous, will you keep quiet?

If you know someone is going to damage themselves by doing or taking something, will you keep quiet?

And if you do keep quiet and something terrible happens, will you be able to sleep at night?


Don’t you dare question authority.
Don’t you dare question the science.
Don’t you dare speak the truth.


Just remember: change can only come from self-realisation which requires honesty.


Why do we limit God? Why do we try to fix things on our own? Do we really think we have the capacity to control certain outcomes or to fix situations?

In the details.

God is in the detail. Every single detail. From the smallest to the biggest. He cares about it all.


Have you ever gotten to the point where you don’t want to speak?


I get it, life gets busy. We have so many responsibilities. We get tired. But taking that walk, even a short one, helps. It helps to clear our head, we can breathe, we can just be.


We live in a world broken beyond repair. A place where no one cares and they are self-serving.  A place where respect is unknown, and crime, violence, and hatred are acceptable, it is the norm. A place that people think you have ulterior motives if you try to do good.  A place where children aren’t …


Have you ever met someone who is overflowing with pure, undiluted joy? Someone who sees the magic in just about everything, who sees all the small details. Someone who literally stops to smell the flowers. Someone who can spread joy and laughter to everyone they meet. Someone who grabs attention without demanding it. Someone who …