Wellington, Cape Town


Faithful Living


We will never have all the answers in this life but we need to persevere, being aware of God’s creative guidance, and keep our focus vertical, even when it is extremely difficult to do so.

Comfort vs. Character

I started writing this blog a month ago with the intention of sharing it but life happened.  I like to start writing and then come back to it to make sure it is good enough to share, that it has some meaning, and makes sense but that process is usually a few days…not weeks. Perhaps …


I write this not to get pity or to cause strife, but with the hope that if you find someone in my position, you will be able to better serve them.

Beauty in brokenness.

Sometimes we need to crack to let in the light, but He will be glorified for He uses our brokenness to create something more beautiful than we could ever imagine.


It is generally said that life is like a roller coaster with all the ups and downs. Well, my life feels like a yo-yo, and right now, it is stuck at the bottom, just hanging in this gloomy abyss with nothing in sight.

Is it really about you?

Is confessing our sins not another way to glorify God? It takes courage and humility to confess, and does that come from you or God? Then the process of correcting/changing our behaviour, is that us or God?

Is it really failure?

Sometimes when we feel God doesn’t answer our prayers, He does. Sometimes we need to keep praying so we can get clarity on what we really desire. Sometimes we wait a little longer than we would like so that when we are answered, we glorify Him even more.

Where is the line?

A few weeks ago, I was sitting on my stoep writing, and a question that came up was “Where is the line between waiting on God and being proactive?” So, I have been pondering this question and I probably still don’t have the answer. Most of this year my prayer has been for God to …

God is always listening.

There have been times when I feel like God isn’t listening to me.  Like there is too much noise in this world for Him to hear me. I pray and pray but to, what feels like, no avail. I get frustrated, angry, despondent, and lose focus.  I start grabbing at straws. Then I get more …


I would like to share with you something I wrote three years ago: I have many fears in life.  Fear of rejection, being hurt, being inadequate, uncertainty, losing control, and getting hurt. Sometimes I allow the fear to get the better of me.  I tend to overthink just about everything, and I have the ability …