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Why do we limit God? Why do we try to fix things on our own? Do we really think we have the capacity to control certain outcomes or to fix situations?

In the details.

God is in the detail. Every single detail. From the smallest to the biggest. He cares about it all.


Have you ever gotten to the point where you don’t want to speak?


I get it, life gets busy. We have so many responsibilities. We get tired. But taking that walk, even a short one, helps. It helps to clear our head, we can breathe, we can just be.

This is a story of a young girl.

“She loved animals, the outdoors, and she was drawn to the elderly. For some reason, the elderly loved her.  Perhaps it is because she was quirky and honest, always wearing her heart on her sleeve and having an ability to talk to just about anyone. She found it easy to be around animals. They were …


We live in a world broken beyond repair. A place where no one cares and they are self-serving.  A place where respect is unknown, and crime, violence, and hatred are acceptable, it is the norm. A place that people think you have ulterior motives if you try to do good.  A place where children aren’t …


Have you ever met someone who is overflowing with pure, undiluted joy? Someone who sees the magic in just about everything, who sees all the small details. Someone who literally stops to smell the flowers. Someone who can spread joy and laughter to everyone they meet. Someone who grabs attention without demanding it. Someone who …


Do you understand the power of words? On your own life and others? I discovered their power a few years back but it still amazes me. One of the many things I feel passionate about is SPEAKING LIFE.  I believe in building people up, seeing the good in others, always trying my best to speak …


Why are we called at different times in our lives? Why would someone be called at the age of 18 and another at the age of 39, or even later in life? This is my take, and you might not agree (and that is okay) I recently read a book, Kisses from Katie, and she …


I belong to God, not to a church, and this seems to be a concept most don’t understand. In the past, I have had many bad experiences with churches. I believe we must feel comfortable where we worship God but sadly over the last 15 years, I have only had 3 churches I felt comfortable …